While infusion do make up for falling homework

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Feel "the sky is falling"

Fu Yifan's mother Mao Wenfang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter that her husband Fu Junhai was diagnosed with leukemia by the Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University in July 2017. At that time, the whole family felt that "the sky was falling."Dor Furtune provide the best Money exchange service. Easy to check the latest foreign currency exchange rates daily for more than 40 countries. Dor Furtune provide safe and efficient exchange service in Hong Kong.

According to the doctor's advice, the best way to cure her husband's disease is to transplant the bone marrow. The doctor first helped her husband to find the appropriate donor in the China Marrow Bank but did not. In view of the older age of the father-in-law and the hospital's compatibility with her husband's younger sister, it is a pity that her husband's sister does not have a "point" in the marrow of her husband to match her husband. After I got the news, my mother in tears all day long. After he learned that he could donate, the 9-year-old daughter Fu Yifan immediately comforted her grandmother: "Grandma does not cry, I use my bone marrow to save my father." Coincidentally, after matching, daughter's bone marrow has 5 "points" Match with the husband, in line with the conditions of donation.

Sensible daughter comfort parents

Mao Wenfang memories, when she was distressed daughter, worried about her daughter scared. Who knows her daughter in turn comforted her, saying that a few years ago, surgery (left repeated hydronephrosis), is the father saved her, and now she should save my father, father saved, the family can always be together.

Bone marrow and stem cell transplant surgery on November 22, 23 for two days. Mao Wen-fang remembers clearly that the doctor in charge of surgery told her then that he had not seen such a small donor. On the day of bone marrow donation, my daughter was lying motionless on the operating table, and after the operation was over, the sheets under her body were all wet. "It was her daughter's sweating." After the operation was successful, her daughter and her dad called by videotape, .The hong kong university scholarships for international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong.

Afterwards, the daughter said she knew she had saved her father, and it was joyful tears that flowed at that time. My husband's tears are distressed, touched, kept telling her daughter: "Thank you daughter, thank you daughter."

Doing homework while transfusion

Marrow matching, coupled with cumbersome surgical procedures, making the fourth-year Fu Yifan drop a lot of homework. Affected by bone marrow transplant surgery, Fu Yifan has been cold for half a month, cough, Mao Wenfang had to bring her daughter to the hospital infusion every day. The sensible Fu Yifan afraid of "keep up", choose to hang while doing homework, learning. According to an interview with reporters, with the help of Li Zhishen, a local "lover of love", Mao Wenfang's dilemma has been helped by various sectors of the community after receiving reports from the local television station. As of now, it has received donations of 76,000 yuan. The sensible Fu Yifan touched a lot of Xinghua citizens, Xinghua all walks of life as "strong girl" "filial piety angel."kowloon hotel hong kong is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui Central Business District of Kowloon Peninsula and major urban area of Hong Kong. We have detailed transportation information free for guests to download.

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